Oh what joy to have a fine winters day with little to no wind, and have a full field for our popular Thursday, any combination, open triples.  We even noticed that one or two of our members who usually migrate to warmer climes managed to shed a layer or two of clothing as the sun burst through the clouds.  So much more freedom when you have just three layers rather than five!!

Winners for the day, with 4 wins, 21 ends and 46 points was that hard to beat, often in the winners circle, team of Peter Orgias, Allan Langley and Gordon Jenkins.

W E L L    D O N E     G U Y S

2nd: Chris Taylor, Graham Doreen and Ann Doreen – 4W, 19E, 39P
3rd: Leon Wech, Baz McCrystal and Bevan Darlington – 3W, 25E, 57P
4th: David Lloydd, Cathy Lloydd and Tony Trent – 3W, 22E, 50P
5th: Alan Daniels, Mike Wilkinson and Gayle Wilkinson – 3W, 21E, 39P
6th: Ian Coombe, Aurthur Beale and Brian Rogers – 3W, 19E, 38P
Lucky Dip: Kevin Sturgeon, John Miles and Des Lowe