Jackpot pairs on FRIDAY 29th APRIL, will be the FINAL for this season.
The bowling Jackpot will be $100
The Super Joker Pot, only 12 cards left, will be increased to $600.
Both POTS MUST be Terminated
The Super Joker Pot numbers will be drawn individually and each one drawn will get a chance to find the Joker, if not they get $50 until the JOKER is found. Balance remaining in the Pot at this time will go the the Joker finder.

A maximum of 64 entries ONLY can be accepted so suggest you enter on line NOW.

We will have one grass and one artificial green in use. A blind draw will sort out where you play.
On a more somber note this will be the last time Ric Lydford will be the convener of this fun format. Now is a good time for a new convener to step up and put his/her influence on how this is played.
Anyone interested should talk to Sandra or Ric.
If there is NO new convener then it is possible this format will be lost to our bowling calendar.