Message from Ric Lydford.

Firstly, special THANK YOU to our club members who helped sponsor this event at the beginning of the season.

 I really appreciate your willingness to support this format.  You are special and appreciated.

What a day!!! Great bowls and $1200 cash was given away by Mairangi own, Shane Lydford!!!

Best 2 Winner, Ric & Theresa, Best 1 Winner George Durbridge and Garth Partridge.

Worst NO Winner shall remain nameless except to say she is my favourite No3 Granny!!!

The jackpot of $200 was shared by Ian & Colin and Geoff & Bob with the notorious ZERO differential. This is the third time this year that Zero has been struck

 Minor Jackpot of $40 was shared 3 ways and there were 3 lucky card draws of $20 each.

The Goldfinger Superpot $600 was won by Jane James!! On the very first bonus draw. Another 7 shared in a further $250 of cash prizes from the Superpot

How fortunate NO ONE Person won more than once!!!

 So, that was the end of the season for Jackpot Pairs. By popular demand, we WILL do it again.

I personally thank all of you for supporting the event and most particularly all those who help at the end of the day for putting things away, working the bar and cleaning up. It is a TEAM effort and much appreciated.

Ongoing Sponsorship is necessary. (A little from a lot adds up to MORE in the POT).  Please contact me confidentially to discuss.

Again, thank you all for a fun Friday afternoon. (and keeping me away from the pokies)

Kind Regards,
Ric  Lydford