You are currently viewing JACKPOT Pairs update – 15 January & 22 January 2021

The next JACKPOT pairs is on Friday 15 January 2021 with the prize pool of $900.  Entry sheet is up in the main entrance.  Start time is 1:30 pm (not 3:00 pm as in the Members Handbook)

The emphasis of the JACKPOT Pairs is a FUN afternoon where any team can be the winner on the day.  Dress is mufti and team entry is just $15.00. Single entry is also OK as we will do our best to make up single entries into pairs.  As a single entry, just add you name and phone number to the bottom of the starting sheet.

The next Friday, 22 January, is also a JACKPOT Pairs Friday, again starting at 1:30 pm. The potential for the prize pool is to be in excess of $900.  Ric promises that the story of the day will be brief, politically correct and funny, which could be the first time it has met these three criteria.  Again the entry sheet will be up following the JACKPOT Pairs on Friday 15 January.