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Another happy Friday afternoon of Jackpot pairs was played.

Music Nostalgia (thanks Ian & Garth) fair weather and good company.

Once inside to the $$$$ giveaway, we were again regaled with an entertaining enlightenment about Heaven and Golf!!!

Lightning struck twice in successive weeks with Barry and Phil winning the $100 Jackpot with + 11.
Best 2 winners – Ian and Colin.
Best 1 winner – Ian and Sandra
Minor Jackpot of $40 was shared between 2 teams.
Also, a couple of lucky cards were in the $$$$$ The Super Goldfinger Jackpot which was drawn to Larry and Noeleen.
No luck for them so next time it is $300.

Will you be the one to draw the JOKER

Next Jackpot Pairs Friday 23 November.
Sheet up in normal place.
Already 21 teams entered.
Single entries O.K. you will be teamed up. 

Kind Regards,