A favorable day except for the wind, for our 20 teams, BUT it did NOT rain so all is good.

We learnt about a sailor on the Manly ferry and to LOOK UP when putting away all our bowling gear.

The best 2 winners were Ric (I love my new bowls) & Theresa

Best 1 winner Ron and Jeanette

Thanks for coming, a refreshment at the bar for the lucky couple. Someone has to be there.

Jackpot of $100 went to +6 and NOBODY was home so Jackpots to $150 next time

Conveners choice, of a Minor Jackpot of $40, was won on Differential of 13

Congrats to Jim C & David K (well done David K who has only just joined)

A couple of Lucky Card No. also joined in the $$$$ giveaway.

SUPER JOKER POT: Chances went to Kevin S , David L, Graham W & Judy C.

ALL received a bar voucher to drown their sorrows at missing “the Big One”

It was NOT STRUCK so Super Pots to $700 next time. The MOST we have ever had.


Will we have another appearance from Selwyn (“Its in the Bag”) to offer “the money or the card”????

Come on down and enter to see how this Fun afternoon of 2x4x2 Bowls plays out.

Any one can win, IF you have a bit of LUCK running your way.

The best bowlers have the same chance as the newest bowlers of the BIG money prizes.

NEXT Jackpot Pairs is FRIDAY 12th FEBRUARY @ 1.30 START (DIARY NOW)

Thanks to all helpers and players.