The selectors would like to announce the following teams for the 1-5 Interclub on the 20/21st April.

  Venues to be confirmed.
Team Orcas:
Singles Glenda Rountree.
Pairs: Michael Thomas(s) Graeme McGregor.
Triples: Roger Potter(s)  Julie Chhour Rosemary Nicol.
Reserve and Marker Barry Baillie.

Team Marlin.
Singles: Stuart Mackay
Pairs: Glyn Taylor(s)  Bill Lowe.
Triples: Flora Macdonald(s)  Jane Mackay  Ralph Cullen.
Reserve and Marker Annie McGrath.

Extra Reserves  Jim Center and Graeme Storey.

Saturday is qualifying and Sunday is finals day.
Managers for the teams to be advised once the draw is done.

Well done to those players selected and we wish them well over the weekend.

Some promising players have missed out for selection, but they should get their opportunity next year.

Alan Daniels Allan Langley Colleen Rice Leon Wech Sheryl Wellington.