The selectors would like to announce the following teams for the Men’s and Women’s Bowls North Barbour Cadness Cup.
Friday March 1st, 8th and 22nd
Venues TBA.

Sharks –  Ian Coombe, Kevin Cameron, Bruce McClintock and Allan Langley. Manager Allan Langley.
Breakers – John Gledhill, Barry McCrystal, Steve McGregor and Graeme McGregor.
Manager  John Gledhill
Steve N/A March 1st sub Tony Trent.
Barracuda’s –  Jim Price, Glyn Taylor, Graeme Storey and Graham Ward.  Manager Glyn Taylor.
Graeme Storey N/A March 8th. Sub to be advised.
Reserves-  Tony Trent, Gordon Jenkins, Leon Wech, Roger Potter, John Lindsay, Alan Daniels.

Pearls – Jo Baxter, Hanaan Shahwan, Joy Watkinson, Louise Ball.
Manager Hanaan Shahwan.
Dolphins –  Elaine McClintock, Jan Gledhill, Kerin Roberts and Sheryl Wellington.
Manager Sheryl Wellington.
Kerin N/A March 1st sub Colleen Rice.

Orcas  –  Gaye Horne, Irene Donaldson, Glenda Rountree and Rosemary Nicol.  Manager Gaye Horne.

Reserves – Collen Rice, Annie McGrath and Joy Finney.

Alan Daniels, Leon Wech, Allan Langley, Colleen Rice and Sheryl Wellington.