The Mens Championship Fours was held last weekend, weather fine and not too hot for a change.
With a four-game format, 3 roundds were played on Saturday, leaving final round for Sunday morning, with 8 of the 10 teams with a chance for post section.

The post section play was as follows:
Top was the Coombe team (1) playing Salvador (4) and Wech (2) playing Radojkovich (3).

Coombe, Ambrose, Rogers & Chisholm beat Salvador, Donnelly, MacLean & Aley semifinal 1 by 17-5
Wech, Banks, Cameron & Darlington beat Radojkovich, Torrey, Payne & Buckner 15-7 in semi final 2

The final was close for a while, but good leading by Bevyn saw Wech establish a healthy lead which was carried to the end with the new champions winning 15-12