Skills training was enjoyed by 14 eager players who relished the different challenges set up in the Skills Program.

A special thanks you to the coaches, Colin Rogan and Ian Coombe, who joined Ian Hardy. Our other regular coach, Rex Redfern was not able to make it this week, however his contribution is always valued.

Ian and his helper, Trish, set up 9 different skills, including jack delivery, long end, short end, displaced jack, draw to ditch, draw around short bowls, run short bowls, run shots and driving the jack.  The participants were encouraged to try all the disciplines, to score themselves for achievement and then to go through the 9 skills again to gauge improvement.

The participants appreciated the tips and the playing adjustment suggestions from the coaches.  Small variation in techniques reap massive improvements in performance.  Our talented pool of coaches have eagle eyes, providing encouragement and suggesting minor tweaks that sort out some poor outcomes.

Skills training is available to all members.  Next session is Monday 16th, starting at 5:00pm.