Monday afternoon coaching commences this coming Monday with one on one coaching to be co-ordinated with Ian Coombe.  The coaching session will run through most of Monday afternoon and finish at around 4:30 pm.

To confirm your time please make sure you and Ian have it confirmed.
Ian’s mobile (txt) number is 021 612 518

The following Monday, 28th October,  will be group coaching for the Inter-club and Pennants teams only.  This will commencing at 5:00pm following the Labour Day 1-8 tournament.  There will be tactics and team strategies training, as the success from past years has been built through the ability of our teams to work together and to function as teams that gell.  Our club has a very successful history in these events and this will be an invaluable session to ensure the teams work well together to bring home the titles.

Our accredited club coaches are Ian Hardy 021 479 177, and Ian Coombe 021 612 518,  and we appreciate their knowledge, skill, talent and the time that they put into helping our members.