Now that members are using the on line booking system for club events a few common issues have emerged which can be easily remedied to make life simple for the administrators of the system.

It is timely to remind members of these common faults and offers tips so these issues can be eliminated or minimised.

  1. Some members double book (thereby potentially depriving others from entering if the available spots are used up).
    If, when entering using a computer, a potential double booking by the same person should occur, a message comes up in a yellow shaded box at the bottom of the screen (before the Complete Appointment button) pointing out that that person has already made an entry into that particular event. Should this occur do not click the “Complete Appointment” button but delete the information already inserted. This avoids the double booking occurring.

NOTE: If entering using your phone it has been noted that on some phones this shaded box does not appear.

  1. Agree within your teams who is responsible for making the booking – this will also assist in avoiding a double booking.
  2. When the email confirmation of the booking comes through which is typically immediately after the “Complete Appointment” button is clicked, send a copy of this to your team members as well as the later reminder of the booking. This confirmation includes an ability to automatically add the booking to your calendar and this is good practice to use. Saving the confirmation email can also be used to check if you have entered.
    Remember, the confirmation and reminder of the booking will only go to the person who initiated the booking.
  3. Make sure the information in the booking is accurate and particularly email addresses, as the confirmation of the booking and reminders will go to that email address. If you do not receive a confirmation it could mean that you are not entered (did something wrong) or the email address is incorrect.
  4. Try to be accurate with team members names when completing the entry. It is appreciated that these may change between the date entered and the date of the event but it can assist the administrators in knowing who may be available should a team be short of a player. It is the responsibility of the person who enters the team to do their best to ensure a full team turns up on the day of the event to which the booking relates.