There was a doubt that we would even get started, however the rain stayed away until lunch time and then, after the third game, it bucketed down.  Unfortunately there was a bye and so one team had two games in the morning, a long lunch and then play was abandoned.

Three teams managed the possible 3 wins with Phil Chisholm and Ron Horne having 3 Wins, 22 Ends and 51 Points.  Apparently Ron played really well.

Well played Ron

2nd – 3W, 19E, 44P – Kevin Sturgeon and David Lloydd
3rd – 3W, 15E, 31P – David Payne and Baz McCrystal
4th – 2W, 19E, 40P – John Miles and Des Lowe
5th – 2W, 18E, 37P – Kevin Cameron and John Lindsay