The Open Pairs Ham tournament was sponsored by Quay Travel, with Aurelie Schmidt, a Travel Specialist, on hand to present the prizes and with the Quay Travel flags fluttering in the changeable breeze. The feedback from our members who have used Quay Travel has been that they provide outstanding service and are able to offer add ons at no extra cost.  Anyone intending to travel in 2020 would be well advised to talk to them about their travel plans as they will  find that the advice they receive will enhance the experience.

On the bowling front, the greens were once again running well, in spite of the rain and storms over the last few days and the gusty winds that made picking the correct green or judging the right length a challenge for many.

No challenge for Kevin Cameron and John Lindsay as they blew the field away as the only 4 winners.  Congratulations to this team who, as John Lindsay said, do not often feature as the winning team  (sorry for quoting you there John.  hehe )

There were two teams that managed 3 and a half wins and with 33 ends, Leon Wech and Bevan Darlington cruised get the (Quay Travel reference there?)  into 2nd place.  Not bad for one of the team playing with their brand new Henselite Dreamline XG bowls.

In third place were Peter Orgias and Allan Langley who managed to win 28 ends.

For many this is the last event they will play in 2019.

Don Ambrose announced that they had had an offer on their home that was too good to refuse, and so they are moving to the sunspot of Nelson to fulfil the adventures that they have had in their minds.  Thank you for all the great bowling and for your contribution to the Mairangi Bay Bowling Club Don.  You moved from Henderson 6 years ago and your skills were instantly recognised.  You have help in the winning of many titles and pennants for the club.  We do know your phone number, and as President Bruce said, we will come visit when we are down your way, however we promise not to come all at the same time.