The weather played it’s part in allowing all four games to be completed.

Congratulations to the winning team of Larry Cain, John Lindsay and Gaye Horne who had 4 wins and 22 ends.

They nudged out the only other 4 game winning team of Leon Wech, Barry McCrystal and Bevan Darlington by 2 ends.

In third spot was the team of Ruth Lynch, Ian Hardy and Ric Lydford, who had 3 and a half wins.

There were no 3 winners and the best of the two winners, taking out fourth place, was the team of Tony Trent, Jan Gledhill and John Gledhill.

The sheet for Thursday 11 June is filling fast and is located outside the main entrance, behind the sliding perspex covers. The format is 2 games of 10 ends in the morning and 2 games of 8 ends in the afternoon, any combination triples.

We anticipate that there will be the full 9 rinks available under COVID-19 level 1 conditions.