What a shame we had ONE person fail to show for our fun afternoon. She shall remain nameless and we thank Jo and Kevin S for being able to fill in at such short notice to make the day a success.  Surely by now everyone has a bowling DIARY in which you enter dates you have put your name down for comps???  Really!!!!  Conveners go to so much trouble to organize events and it can all be undone by ONE person failing to show. I wonder if we should introduce a $$$$ fine system???? Mmmm.

So onto the day, which turned out quite pleasant for the full field of 36.

Money was shared around including 3 teams who one second prize. How do you divide $40 x 6?? Ask Kevin Cameron

The Splash Cash Jackpot was not struck with a Differential of 15 so is $150 next time.

The Super Joker Pot was attempted by Norm, (good luck in Aus) John L and Jeanette. No luck for any so is now $120 next time.

Next Friday Cash Splash is June 11th.

Sheet up in normal place. Reserves accepted.

I thank you all for your support and clearing up after.

Ric Lydford