The Men’s Handicap Pairs was played over the weekend 10 & 11 October 2020.  After Saturday play, we ended up with 11 qualifiers which meant we had 5 byes and 6 to play in the first round who were Coombe/Chisholm playing Payne/Langley, Butcher/Centre playing the 2 Ricks and Partridge /McGregor playing Horne/Cain.

Coombe beat Payne 24-17
Center beat Ricks 32-30
Cain beat McGregor 27-20

The next round included the byes where:
Lindsay/Cameron lost to Darlington/Nolan 27-13
Ward/Glogoski beat Robertson/Price 28-20
Baxter/Ladd beat Coombe/Chisholm 22-21 in the upset of the day
Horne/Cain beat Center/Butcher 29-23.

The semifinal saw:
Ward/Glogoski beat Darlington/Nolan 25-21
Horne/Cain beat Baxter/Ladd 29-13

The final is to be played before Haggle on Saturday 17th October at 9:30 am so come along a bit earlier and support these players.