You are currently viewing Report & Results – Silverfin 5’s – Tuesday 18 October 2022

The first round of the popular Silverfin 5 series kicked off on Tuesday 18th with a full field of 16 teams.

The sun shone although there was a definite wind chill factor in the air. It was great to see some new faces among the teams and a big thank you to those who filled in on the day. The competition was intense and while every team had at least one win, only one team managed to win all of their 6 games.

Well done to the team of Sheryl Wellington, Jan & John Gledhill, Phill Chisholm & Sue Rossiter with 6 wins

In second place with 5 wins and 59 ends were Elaine & Bruce McClintock, Colin Rogan, Kerin Roberts & Bart Robertson

Third with 5 wins and 55 ends were Glenda Rountree, Jo Baxter, Graeme McGregor, Rick Dixon & Rick George

In fourth place, also with 5 wins but 48 ends were Peter & Jeanette Orgias, Gordon Jenkins, Allan Langley & Mike Jelley.

All 16 teams have been re-entered for the next round on November 15