With weather like today it’s easy to forget that we hardly had a summer. Overhead conditions were perfect with the main challenge being the change from the Harcourts Community Carpet green to the Mayfair natural grass green. The change did not faze too many and certainly not the Payne McClintock combination, the only pair to register 4 wins.

Congratulations to Elaine McClintock and David Payne: 4 wins, 24 ends and 45 points.

1st – 4 Wins, 24 Ends, 45 Points – Elaine McClintock & David Payne
2nd – 3.5W, 25E, 55P – Evan Thomas & Ian Hardy
3rd – 3W, 25E, 49P – Alan Telfer & Garth Partridge
4th – 3W, 24E, 49P – Steve McGregor & Bruce Aley
5th – 3W, 24E, 43P – Leon Wech & Bevan Darlington
am prize to John Lindsay & Kevin Cameron
pm prize to Judi Farkash & Chris
Lucky dip to Arthur Beale & Brian Rogers