You are currently viewing Results – ARVIDA Living Mixed Triples – Tuesday 10 October 2023
It was not the best bowling weather for the start of the Arvida Living Mixed Triples tournament with rain and a very cold and blustery wind (decidedly unpleasant!). We only had 20 teams enter this month, hopefully, more will organise themselves to enter next month.
There were no 4 winners on the day. The best were Alan Langley, Jan Gledhill & Phil Chisholm with 3 1/2 wins, 32 ends & 60 points. Second was Leon Wech, Stuart Jamieson & Colleen Rice with 3 wins, 30 ends & 48 points. Third was Grant Keats, Trish Hardy & Ian Hardy with 3 wins, 28 ends & 51 points, Fourth was Warren Seeque, Christeen Dalziel & Kerin Roberts with 3 wins, 27 ends & 51 points. Fifth was Peter Orgias, Jeanette Orgias & Pete Sheehan with 3 wins, 26 ends & 47 points.
Here is a link to the points after the first month.
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