26 keen bowlers played on a gorgeous sunny afternoon. Afterwards, a number descended on the Tiger Bar in Mairangi Bay for a cold one. There was only one 3 winner.

1st – Peter Orgias & Annie McGrath 3W 10E
2nd – Paul Dean & Bill Lowe 2W 1D 10E
3rd – Graham Ward & Stuart Mackay 2W 9E
4th – Russell Parkinson, Jane Mackay & Ian McGovern 2W 8E

With double points allocated for the final round of the Winter League there was some last minute movement that saw Bill Lowe with 8 points plus a 5 point bonus for 5 weeks in a row leap in to the placings.

The final top 20 is

Name Total Points Rounds played
Graham Ward 82 21
Bill Lowe 73 19
David Tripp 67 19
Enid De Cesare 66 18
Ralph Cullen 64 18
Muy Chhour 58 17
Jim Center 56 16
Peter Orgias 52 12
Annie McGrath 49 15
Jane MacKay 43 13
Russell Parkinson 42 14
Graeme Storey 41 14
Rhonda Dredge 40 15
Les Boulton 38 11
Paul Dean 38 12
Jim Woonton 37 13
Jeanette Orgias 34 12
Steve Bartley 34 12
Stuart MacKay 34 13
Barry Butcher 32 14


Congratulations to Graham Ward who played all 21 rounds, the only player to do so. Bill Lowe and David Tripp are the other two prize winners. Fittingly the top 3 players played the most weeks.

Prize giving is this Saturday around 4pm after the opening day roll-up. Enter online.

Also there will be 5 additional prizes of $50 drawn randomly so make sure you are there.

There were 21 rounds in the Winter Haggle League. A total of 67 players took part averaging 22 each week. $2300 was handed out in prizes and a further $500 will be handed out on Saturday. Only one week was lost to rain.

Thanks to everyone who took part and hope to see you in the Summer Haggle. Thanks to Enid for all her help. The next Haggle is Sat 30 September at 1pm.