16 keen bowlers enjoyed a sunny but cold afternoon playing the winter haggle.
Jim Center set a new record with a wrong bias just 3 minutes after start time.

The results were close with just one end separating the teams.

Please note next week the haggle is on SUNDAY due to Bowls North Harbour Pennants at the club on Saturday. That means DOUBLE POINTS.

1st – Russell Parkinson & Bill Lowe 2W 1D 11E
2nd – Enid Di Cesare & Jim Woonton 2W 11E
3rd – Graham Ward & Jim Center 2W 10E
4th – Phyl Humphries & Steve Bartley 2W 9E
Luckdip was won by Jim Price and Muy Chhour.
The Winter Haggle league has just a few weeks to go. Third place was enough for Graham Ward to edge ahead but it’s a tight race. 5 points for a win plus a 5 match bonus has brought Bill Lowe into contention.
61 pts – Graham Ward
60 pts – David Tripp
56 pts – Ralph Cullen
52 pts – Bill Lowe
49 pts – Jim Center
48 pts – Enid Di Cesare
41 pts – Peter Orgias, Graeme Storey
37 pts – Muy Chhour
36 pts – Annie McGrath
35 pts – Jane Mackay
34 pts – Steve Bartley
33 pts – Rhonda Dredge
32 pts – Jeanette Orgias, Jim Woonton