With the clubrooms closed and rain forecast there were only a bakers dozen of 13 for the Saturdays haggle.
A temporary bar will be in action next weekend.
With less than 16 entires double points kicked in and those who turned up not only had a fine afternoon with some sun but also scored extra points in the winter league.
1st – David Tripp & Annie McGrath 3W 13E
2nd – Graham Ward & Bill Lowe 2W 13E
3rd – Tony Poppelwell & Rhonda Dredge 2W 10E
4th – Russell Parkinson, Ralph Cullen & Jane Mackay 1W 7E
The top of the winter league table looks like this:
46 points – David Tripp
43 points – Ralph Cullen
39 points – Graham Ward
36 points – Peter Orgias
31 points – Jeanette Orgias
29 points – Bill Lowe, Enid Di Cesare
28 points – Annie McGrath, Jane Mackay, Jim Center
27 points – Graeme Storey