With the weather back to a lovely sunny summer, 23 of us enjoyed a morning without the frustrating wind. Being a little cooler, it was just perfect for bowls!
We had 1 three winner, congratulations to Glenda Roundtree, followed closely by Rachel Long, Muy Cchour, Joy Finney and Jim Center with two and a half wins. Well done!
Well done also to all for being there in good time before start, it makes it so much easier for us to know how many rinks to use.
A reminder about the starting time:
Because of the heat, the players agreed on the previous Club Day, that we would play in the morning instead. Hence the change of time to 9.30. With the handbook being changed in places, it is imperative that we CHECK ONLINE, to make sure!
Our next Club Day will be Tuesday 29th, 9.30! See you there.