You are currently viewing Results – Knightsbridge Open Triples – Thursday 27 October 2022

On this stunning spring day with the flags fluttering and the tuis singing, the Mayfair Grass Green and the Harcourt’s Community Carpet green were fully occupied by the field in the Kensington two bowls triples, sponsored by ARVIDA.

There were no teams with four wins in this even, competitive field.

With 3.5 wins, the winning team were Bruce McClintock, Colin Rogan and Elaine McClintock.

Knightsbridge Triples Winners with Ange from ARVIDA


1st – 3.5 Wins, 34 Ends, 65 Points – Bruce McClintock, Colin Rogan and Elaine McClintock
2nd – 3.5W, 27E, 58P – Evan Thomas, David Payne and Ian Hardy
3rd -3W, 29E, 38P – Ian McKenzie, Jo Baxter and Joy Watkinson
4th – 3W, 28E, 45P – Leon Wech, Michael Thomas and Bevan Darlington
5th – 3W, 27E, 42P – Jim Price, Norm Clark and Louise Ball
grass am prize to Peter Orgias, Gordon Jenkins and Allan Langley
grass pm prize to Glyn Taylor, Glenda Rountree and Garth Partridge
3 lucky dip prizes were also awarded.