After the Men’s Championship Pairs were rained out on Dec 10/11, play resumed on Sat 14 Jan.
4 teams were involved in the first round to get rid of the byes.

Orgias/Langley played and beat Cameron/Lindsay 16/7 Chisholm/Darlington played and beat McClintock/Strydom 20/14

Next round
Gledhill/Parkinson lost to Popplewell/McGregor 24/6,
Radojkovich/Rogers lost to Glogoski/Jenkins 21/4,
Miles/Lloydd beat Wech/Thomas 19/17
Chisholm/Darlington defeated Orgias/Langley 20/12.

Semi-final saw
Popplewell/McGregor beat Glogoski/Jenkins 13/12
Chisholm/Darlington beat Miles/Lloydd 20/10.

The final was decisive with Popplewell/McGregor running out the winners from Chisholm/Darlington 16/9