The Mixed Pairs were held on Sat/Sun 11/12 March in nice  but slightly cooler weather with 12 teams entered, but a late withdrawal caused a bye, which helped a few teams to progress to the post-section draw of 6 teams.

The first round had John Gledhill team v  Peter Orgias and lose 14-17 and Jan Gledhill meet and lose to Sheryl Wellington 11-20.
The non appearance of the Payne and Rice team who had the bye caused Chisholm /Rogers to progress to the final where they played Sheryl Wellington/Allan Langley who had also reached the final bye beating Orgias /Orgias 17-14 in the other semi-final.

The Wellington team led almost the whole game but a couple of telling run shots late in the game by Chisholm changed the situation to allow Chisholm/Rogers to win the game 20/13 on the 17th end.

Congratulations to Phil and Theresa to win the 2022/2023 Mixed Pairs after finishing 2nd last year.