On a day in which we endured sun, wind and some rain, the last tournament before winter took place in which a full field of 18 teams participated.

In what has become the norm, matches generally lived up to the usual competitive standard resulting in some close scoring.
There was only one 4 winner, one 3 ½ winner and at least four 3 winners all vying for 4 prizes.
Overall results were:
1st        Peter Orgias, Gordon Jenkins, Allan Langley 4 wins, 29 ends, 57 points
2nd       Phil Chisholm, Theresa Rogers, Colleen Rice 3 ½ wins, 25 ends, 53 points
3rd        Gerry Strydom, Barry Baillie, Graeme McGregor 3 wins, 31 ends, 66 points
4th        David Payne, Steve Dooley, Evan Thomas 3 wins, 28 ends, 54 points
Daily Prize (best am/pm) Chris Taylor, Bevin Smith, Jan Calcott
Lucky Dip  Glyn Taylor, Glenda Rountree, Louise Ball

Report by Allan Langley