Another stuuning summers day (the last official day of summer) for bowls at Mairangi Bay with both the Knightsbridge and Mayfair greens enjoying the great bowls from the competitors in the open pairs, and the bowlers enjoying the great greens and conditions.

Congratulations to the winning couple, pair, duo, partners, David Payne and Evan Thomas who scored 4 Wins, 32 Ends and 79 Points.  Nice work guys!!

2nd – 3W, 37E, 76P – Kerin Roberts & Elaine McClintock
3rd – 3W, 33E, 70P – Theresa Rogers & Phil Chisholm
4th – 3w, 27E, 48P – Glenda Rountree & Louise Ball
5th – 3W, 26E, 47P   – Leon Wech & Bevyn Darlington
am prize – Bruce Aley & Barry Bailey
pm prize – Graeme McGregor & Geoff Ladd
lucky dip – Tony Stanaway & Jim Price

Many thanks to Tony Stanaway for running the competition.