In 6th place were Brian Nolan & Bob Mullen with 21/2W 24E
in 5th place were Arthur Beale & Brian Rogers with 3W 21E
in 4th place were Alison Rennie & Geraldine with 3W 24E
3rd place went to John Miles & Des Lowe with3W 26E
2nd place went to Gayle Wilkinson & Louise Ball with 4W 24E
and the winners were Steve & Graeme McGregor with 4W 26E

The Lucky Dip was won by Larry Cain & Bill Roan
Next game will be held July 20th at 9.15

Thanks who entered this new event and made it worthwhile by  filling the green with 18 teams.
We finished at 2.45 at which time the wind was quite cold
Nobody protested about the early finish