Welcome to the visitors joining the Mairangi Bay Bowling Club members for a great day of bowls in near perfect – well make that perfect, weather for winter bowls.  As the sun came out the layers of clothing were stripped and the competition, along wit the players, heated up.Congratulations to the only four winner team of David Eades and Bruce McClintock.  W I N N E R S !!!!!

1st – 4W, 20E, 37P – David Eades and Bruce McClintock
2nd – 3W, 19E, 33P – Gary Banks and Dennis Hale
3rd – 3W, 16E, 29P – Geoff Ladd and Graeme McGregor
4th – 3W, 15E, 34P – Colin Rogan and Elaine McClintock
lucky dip – Tony Popplewell and Steve McGregor