It was a stunner of a day (weather-wise).  The first cloud appeared as a wisp on the horizon around 2:00 pm, however it was one of those cool, calm spring days where in sheltered end of the Harcourt’s Community Carpet Green was 4 or 5 degrees warmer than the more exposed eastern end.

Our visitors from Takapuna enjoyed the conditions and came through with four wins.  Congratulations to Jamie Chen and Connie Mathieson, the only team to record four wins.

1st – 4 Wins, 19 Ends, 36 Points – Jamie Chen and Connie Mathieson
2nd – 3W, 20E, 39P – Colin Rogan and Elaine McClintock
3rd – 3W, 20E, 34P – Garry Banks and Dennis Hale
4th – 3W, 17E, 41P – David Eades and Bruce McClintock
luck dip – Allan Langley and Phill Chisholm

An extra Tuesday pairs has been added to the online entries on Tuesday 20 September.  If you wish to enter, do not delay as this event fills quickly.