With only 6 teams entered it was decided to change the format, so that the draw didn’t have such a big impact on the end result.

Qualifying day we played 4 games to 14 points in 1 hour 45 minutes. The best of 4 and 3 winners qualified, using the differential of scores. This way we end up with 2 qualifiers for the final played the next day.
After 3 rounds 2 teams with no wins didn’t have to play a 4th round. Left were Glenda, (Jo and Rachel) with 1 win, Elaine, (Kerin and Irene) with 2 wins, and both Sheryl, (Jan and Colleen) and Gaye, (Joy and Theresa) with 3 wins!
The 4th round finished with Sheryl’s team with 4 wins. Both Elaine’s and Gaye’s teams had now 3 wins. The differential of points made Elaine’s team the 2nd qualifier.
The final, played on Sunday, became a very good and exciting game, with 12 all after 17 ends, which Eileen, Kerin and Irene managed to win with 1 point!!
Congratulations to the winners and to all who helped to make it an exciting tournament!