A field of  32 teams ALL turned out, (short changed by the Winter Cup, didn’t they do well) and all on time. THANK YOU.

The weather started bad BUT turned into a lovely sunny afternoon.

The best 2 winner was Baz and Tony. More money changed hands, vigorously,

BUT the Differential was NOT won on 17 and nor was the Joker Jackpot after 3 attempts.

So, next Friday Splash the Cash, on 6th AUGUST, will be a FINAL and ALL JACKPOTS MUST BE WON!!!!!

Jokerpot of $120 and Differential of $250 , the CASH will SPLASH this day.

Sheet is up and FULL, BUT reserves are invited and some will likely get to play.

Small variation, the JOKERPOT will only be drawn from the RAFFLE tickets sold. Max 3 for $5 per person.

JACKPOT PAIRS will resume in September with again some variation to conditions:

It will be single entry, blind draw. This gives all bowlers, particularly Juniors, a chance to play with  senior bowlers and prevents Bounty Hunting  teams playing together. Remember, these are FUN games where anyone can win the BIG prizes.

( Sponsorship for this is encouraged – do you know of anyone???Contact Ric Lydford)

O.K. so see you on the 6th August.

Ric Lydford