Hi Everyone,
Please find our selected teams for Bowls3Five and Cadness cup.

Bowls3Five 4th/5th March.
Manager Peter Orgias .

Mairangi Bay Sharks             Peter Orgias, Gaye Horne and Allan Langley.
Mairangi Bay Stingrays        Phill Chisholm, Sheryl Wellington and David Payne.
Mairangi Bay Barracudas    Murray Radojkovich, Bruce McClintock and Theresa Rogers.
Mairangi Bay Dolphins         Leon Wech, Hanaan Shahwan and Glenda Rountree.
Mairangi Bay Snappers        Alan Telford, Jo Baxter and Joy Watkinson.

Reserves Julie Chhour and Kevin Cameron.

Cadness Cup Woman.
Manly     3rd/10th and 24th March.
Manager Gaye Horne.

Mairangi Bay Pearls:
Gaye Horne, Hanaan Shahwan, Joy Watkinson and Rosemary Nicol
Second week March 10th Lorna Donald replaces Rosemary Nicol.

Mairangi Bay Dolphins:
Jo Baxter, Flora Macdonald, Glenda Rountree and Louise Ball.

Cadness Cup Men.
Hobsonville   3th /10TH and 24th March.
Manager Bruce McClintock.

Mairangi Bay Breakers:
Murray Radojkovich, Bruce McClintock, Tony Popplewell and Ron Horne.
Tony Popplewell replaces Allan Langleywho will  return for 11/24th.

Reserves John Gledhill, Jim Price and Kevin Cameron.

Good bowling to all our teams.

Alan Daniels on behalf of the selectors.