The Winter Cup will be played as follows –
Day 1     Friday 6 July                                            Day 4 Friday 27 July
Day 2     Friday 13 July                                          Day 5 Friday 3 August
Day 3     Friday 20 July                                          Day 6 Friday 10 August

The number of playing days will be dependent on the total entries received by Bowls North Harbour.

The competition is a fours event for both men and women, played separately, and is Bonus fours meaning points are counted after the first two bowlers in each team have played their bowls.

If you are available to play, please enter your names on the sheet at the club and note any dates which you are NOT available.

Please record your name by WEDNESDAY 13 JUNE 2018.

For the Selectors: Tony Popplewell (convenor), Garry Banks, Leon Wech, Colleen Rice.