Please find an update on the Winter Cup.
After being rained off on the 9th, the rain stopped in time to allow play on the 16th.

The Woman played at Mairangi Bay , with two teams entered.

Team Kea. Sheryl Wellington, Gaye Horne, Colleen Rice and Theresa Rogers. Thanks to Colleen replacing Joy Watkinson, unwell.
They had a first up loss to Orewa 17-16. They then had two good wins over Warkworth and Manly.  They sit in second place to Orewa in section 2, who ended up with three wins.

Team Tui. Gerd Hurcheson, Flora Macdonald, Louse Ball and Glenda Rountree lost to Mahurangi first up.
They the beat a Takapuna team but then lost to another Takapuna team in their last game.  They sit in 6th place in Section 1.

The Men played at Warkworth and Hobsonville.
Section 1 was played at Warkworth on their fast carpet green.  We have three teams playing in section 1.

Team Stingrays. Wayne Glogoski, Kevin Robertson, John Lindsay and Steve McGregor. Thanks to John for filling in for Tony Trent.
They lost to the host team Warkworth by 1 point in their first game but then had a big wins over Orewa 1 and  Mahurangi. They sit second on the ladder behind Warkworth the only 3 winner.

Team Breakers. Jim Price, John Gledhill, Tony James and Rick Dixon.  A big thanks to Tony James for filling in for Graeme McGregor, unwell.
They had a big win over a Takapuna team in their first game but then lost to Orewa 2 and Beach Haven. They are sitting in 7th place out of the ten teams.

Team Seagulls. Leon Wech, Graham Ward, Stuart Mackay and Rick George. A big thanks to Graham and Stuart filling in for Alan Daniels and Michael Thomas both with covid.
They lost their first game to Mahurangi by 1 point but then had good winds over Takapuna and Orewa 2.  They sit in fourth place, on differential, with there being 5 teams that had two wins.

At Hobsonville Team Sharks last year’s winners had a successful start to their defence. They had a big win over Beach Haven, then beat Browns Bay and then had a come behind win against a very strong Birkenhead team 21-20. They were down 19-7 but came home with a wet sail to get there by 1 point.

All these results are on the North Harbour website under Winter Cup Hub links.

Apologies if I am not totally accurate with this information.

So a good start for Mairangi and again thanks to the players that filled in.

Alan Daniels
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