Well winter seems to be here and the Winter Haggle is going along well. With 6 rounds played to date the early leaders have emerged.
Last years winner Graham Ward missed his first Winter Haggle round ever (and 5 bonus points) but with some outstanding results still leads with 28 points.
A big thanks to Enid Di Cesare for running the haggle for 4 weeks while I travelled overseas. She holds a deserved 2nd spot with 27 points.
Muy Chhour comes in at 3rd with a 25 points and Peter Orgias lies 4th with 23 points. Enid, Muy and Peter all benefited from bonus points for playing 5 weeks in a row.
The top 10 currently stands at
Graham Ward – 28
Enid Di Cesare – 27
Muy Chhour – 25
Peter Orgias – 23
Eddy Sanders – 20
Jim Woonton – 14
Flora McDonald – 13
Phyl Humphries – 13
Stuart Mackay – 12
Pat Clark – 11