This message is from Stuart Jamieson.

“You will shortly receive details of the Bowling Club AGM, together with a nomination form for various executive positions in the Club.

Over recent seasons the Club Executive has been very stable and there has been a dearth of members coming forward to assist with the running of the Club.

This year Bruce Aley is standing down as President, and Arthur Beale has resigned from the position of Club Hire Co-Ordinator. Both of these positions are critical to the smooth functioning of the Club, and it is vital that they are filled.

If you have any administrative experience, please consider putting your name forward.

I, or any Board member will be happy to discuss any aspects of either position with any member who is interested, so please feel free to contact us.

I often hear the comment that members don’t want to get involved and just want to play bowls. However if everybody took this attitude, and nobody stood up and took responsibility for the functioning of the Club, the Club would not survive. We do need new ideas and fresh input as the game changes so please offer your contributions.

The Club is in a very strong situation with stable membership and strong financials, so you will gain personal satisfaction in assisting with the Club. An executive position at the Club can be adapted to ensure that it is not too onerous in terms of your time. A number of our older members have contributed greatly over the years and it is up to newer members to ensure that they can enjoy a Club which functions as well as when they held the responsibility.

Many thanks for your consideration, I look forward to seeing the new nominations.”

Stuart Jamieson.